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Super Bowl Shuffle!

Since we’re super bowl bound, I was thinking about the first year that I really started watching super bowls. I was always a football fan…even had a sports broadcasting class at UT Knoxville, where a big grade came from doing … Continue reading

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Phoenix Super Bowl Bound!!!

Yes, we have tickets to the Super Bowl! Although the Titans aren’t there, and never really had a chance to be this year, the Patriots are (instead of the Colts-yeah, baby!), and J and I are so excited. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Heart of the Game

We just had a basketball pizza/movie night for H’s basketball team. It’s a great bunch of girls. Mostly 7th graders, and 3 8th graders. They have a huge game on the road tomorrow against a team that is 17-0. We … Continue reading

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Dropping teenagers off at the movies…

Took H and a friend to the movies tonight. Actually, we dropped them off an hour before the movie started, because we had a fundraiser to go to for H’s school. They were going to eat, shop, then go to … Continue reading

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Running again…I hope

I’ve had to take a week or two off from running, because I’ve been under the weather, and I thought it was a good time to rest my weary(old) legs/hip/knees/body. I’m hoping to get back to it next week, but … Continue reading

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Getting kids to eat right

I just read an article on the kidshealth website about Kids and Food:Kids and Food: 10 Tips for Parents There are ten things parents can do to help their kids eat right and maintain a healthy weight. I wish I … Continue reading

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New Watercolor Painting

Here’s my newest art project. This is day 2…I still have a few finishing touches but it’s almost done. I painted it from a photograph. I like this better than doing the still life vegetables. This morning I did not … Continue reading

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Text Messaging Language

WU?NMU?JCHEY, DUHAB?NNY? URSS!THX…WAYN?@MALL. WFU!BRT…CUL8TR! Having a teenager in the house has introduced me to the gibberish above, but I still have to look up some of the acronyms that they use like a second language. I wish French or Spanish … Continue reading

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Tagged…ten questions

1. I love to eat: Yes, I do! 2. I hate to eat: REFUSE to eat: mushrooms and cheese (separately or together..blech!) 3. I love to go: to Lake Toxaway, skiing in Colorado, shopping in San Francisco 4. I hate … Continue reading

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ID Theft Plan alternatives

I got a comment on my previous post from someone in Davidson County who said he signed he and his wife up for LifeLock at $10/per person/per month, because of their restoration services. That is $240/month. Here is my reply … Continue reading

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