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Unwanted Google Ads???

I need to write a new post because for some odd reason, a google ad showed up under my last post. I have an adsense account, “just in case” someday I might want to make money doing this. (Although that’s … Continue reading

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Pecan Crusted Trout…or, the end to being a Short Order Cook

We have one child. Dinnertime has been an evolving situation. When she was a baby, we made our own dinners, usually something relatively healthy, and gave her something she would eat. It was pretty easy for awhile. I could open … Continue reading

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My daughter is now “In a Relationship”

I remember the first time a boy asked me to “go with him”. We were in 8th grade, and I met him at Hermitage Landing…way back in the day. Before they had a swimming pool…it was just a beach at … Continue reading

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My daughter’s recent blog post-or how to make your Mom cry!

My daughter has a blog. She doesn’t write often, but she started it on one of our trips when she had access to a computer and nothing else to do. While I was out of town last weekend she sent … Continue reading

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Never a Dull Moment!

Just got back from another fabulous girl’s trip in the mountains. This time of year, Lake Toxaway is pretty deserted…most of the homeowners are away, the club and golf course are closed, the boats are stored away, but it is … Continue reading

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