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Vegetarian Meat Loaf…it’s delicious, REALLY!

Last month I downloaded the movie, “Food, Inc.” to my computer, thinking I’d watch it during spring break, but never got around to it and completely forgot I had it, until last weekend. I plugged in my earphones, and watched … Continue reading

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The Every Day Memories

I’m not the only one in my family who’s been hit hard by the pollen in Nashville this spring. For me, it has aggravated my asthma to the point that the medication doesn’t seem to be doing anything to help. … Continue reading

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Finding an Injured or Stray Animal

Thursday afternoon we were on our way to the airport, driving down Lynnwood Boulevard, when suddenly J said, “Oh, my God, it’s a cat!” He did a quick U-turn and H and I saw what he was talking about.. It … Continue reading

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Running with Asthma

I just found out I have a spot in the NYC Marathon on November 7 this year! It’s been five years since my last marathon…the Rock and Roll Arizona. I’ve done NYC three times, and have tried to get a … Continue reading

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Letting Out the Rope

Someone very wise once told me that parenting is like having a very long rope. That as our kids grow up, we let out the rope a little bit at a time. We might have to pull it in a … Continue reading

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