Obama supporters in Harlem…Sad

I made a decision when I started keeping a blog that it would NOT be a place for my political views. I like to keep them to myself. I don’t feel like espousing my viewpoint would really do much to change anyone else’s, nor do I want to have to argue with anyone about why I believe what I do. I think that’s the beautiful thing about being an American. I pray every day for the upcoming election. And that’s all I’m going to say about my viewpoint. (Unlike my husband!)

Anyway, there are some interesting things out there that I just have to share. Here’s a link from Howard Stern (audio only), with some clips from voters in Harlem who were Obama supporters, and their understanding of the issues he supports. This is so sad. If you are going to support a candidate, and be vocal about it, at least, understand some of the basic tenets of their campaign! I hear the word “ignorance” being tossed around by both parties, attaching it to their opponent based on various issues, but we as voting citizens must educate ourselves on the issues. There are various websites that show facts and voting records, not opinions and false promises. Some are better than others, but I like factcheck.org and politifact. I believe it is our duty to do research, not blindly go out and vote for any candidate based on race, political party, negative campaigning, and other tenuous reasons. Read, research, and make decisions based on knowledge, not fear or emotion.

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