Dancing till the floor caves in!

Well, H had her first homecoming “date” last night, if you can call it that.  He asked her via text message on her phone before they had ever laid eyes on each other or spoken a single word.  He came highly recommended from one of her new friends at her new school, who as I understand it was the instigator behind the fix-up.  Up until the moment that he asked her, she had given me the impression that she had no interest in going at all, and probably wouldn’t get invited since she didn’t know anyone, and didn’t care at all.  But as soon as she was invited,  she was all over it!  The dress, the shoes, the nails, the hair…I don’t know if she thought at all about the boy, but that was O.K. with J and I!  She started a new all-girl’s school this year, so boys are scarce.  They have a “brother” all-boy’s school that they do a lot of social things with, as well as plays, theatre, music concerts, community service, etc.

J was “uneasy”, to say the least.  Letting her go out to dinner and a dance with her girlfriends was one thing, but with a boy was something else entirely.  The boy’s mom called me early in the week to fill me in on the plans.  First, there was a group of five boys and their dates.  They would pick the girls up and bring them to one of the boy’s homes for pictures, and cocktails for the parents.  Cocktails were very important to J at this point!  Then off the dinner, then the dance, and then the “after-party”.  Dinner and the dance were o.k., but the after-party took some convincing.  After a few phone calls to the parents  to ensure that there would be adequate adult supervision, J gave his permission.

We had a small dinner party that night, with a few friends, which was nice, because it was a beautiful evening, we got to catch up with old friends, and J was distracted for most of the evening.  We were enjoying coffee on the deck, and his cell phone rang.  It was H.

“Dad, I’m O.K.”

“WHAT?  What do you mean?”

“Well, there was a little accident at the party, and a few kids got hurt, but I’M O.K.”

Then, suddenly, in the distance, we heard about 5 or 6 police/fire/ambulance sirens.  We live about 3 miles from the home where the party was taken place.  J turned white.

After a few minutes of typical abbreviated responses from H, we got the story.  There were about 100 kids dancing on the deck, jumping up and down, and the deck CAVED IN!

After trying to sort through the wild exaggerations from the 9th graders at the party, I think we finally got the official word that there were no serious injuries.  Luckily it was a low deck, no one underneath, so there were just a few bumps, scrapes, and sprains.

My poor husband.  Now, two days later he is just now breathing normally.  Poor H.  She may never be let out of his sight again.

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