Being the New Mom in Daughter’s new school

So I decided to attend the Parent’s Association lunch (or “luncheon” as they call it) last week, to try to meet some of the moms at H’s new school.  She goes and decides to change schools in 9th grade, something she didn’t have to do, since her first school was K-12, and now I have to be the “new mom”.  Did my daughter think about my feelings?   Nooooooo.  Never mind that it’s a great school, that she loves it, has made  lots of new friends, feels challenged, made the basketball team, and has already had lots of new experiences that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.  I feel like I just moved into town and don’t know a soul… 

So I walk in, check out the kiosk with “school approved” merchandise:  sweatshirts, tote bags, scarves, t-shirts and golf shirts, look around at the huge turnout and watch everyone greeting each other with hugs and “how was your summer” chit-chat, and try to look like I belong.  Luckily, I found ONE mom that I knew from H’s old school, who was kind enough to introduce me to a few people.  So we grap our plates, and fill them with little sandwiches, pasta salad, and cookies, grap a bottled water, and walk into this shiny big room, auditorium-style, with chairs attached to long tables, and filling up the entire room was a sea of blonde haired soccer moms.  Uber volunteer-types.  I can’t believe that even though I was born in this town, and have lived here for most of my 48 years…I don’t recognize anyone.

So we hear from all the various committee heads, with glowing descriptions of the work they’ve already done, even though school has been in session for a whopping three weeks, and I try to figure out which committee I want to join, so that I can meet some people.  The main event sounds like a good choice:  Lots of sub-committees, and it takes place in the spring so it sounds like a long-term commitment.  After the meeting was over, I get introduced to one of the chairs of the event, and volunteer my services.

“Oh, thank you SO much, but this year we have 272 volunteers!  So we really don’t need anyone until maybe the day of the event.  We’ll probably need some manual labor to help us set up and things.”

Great.  So I’m on the manual labor committee and the baking cookies committee.  On one hand, I guess it’s great that they have lots of volunteers.   But the primo slots seem to go to the “popular kids”.   Wonder if I should color my hair blonde?

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