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Summer’s over for us.  H starts school officially next week, but has stuff starting tomorrow, so no more late nights and sleeping in.  She doesn’t drive yet, so unfortunately I have to wake up when she does.  (Although she’ll be 15 next month so those days are numbered…yikes).

I really should get off the computer now.


People keep turning me onto new blogs, or websites, that just feed the addiction.  Here’s the latest.  It’s so cool!

Blip FM!

That link takes you to my “station”. I only have a few songs (so far), but you can add other “DJs” to your station, search for songs, add them to your playlist.

But don’t go there if you need to go do something, or work on something else. I sat down about an hour ago to try to write an actual post…something I’ve been thinking about all week and after playing around with this for far too long I think I just need to give it up.

Hopefully I’ll write something good later.

Until then, I’ve got some more Squeeze to listen to.

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