Nicole Kidman does yoga!!

I used to be in sales. So I had a lot of practice making small talk with people I didn’t know. I’m actually pretty good at it. I can go to a party with a bunch of strangers and usually meet a few people and converse without totally sticking my foot in my mouth or saying something stupid.

But introduce me to a celebrity and I become a stuttering, bumbling, embarrassing mess.

Living in Nashville, I actually do cross paths with a few singers, songwriters, NFL football players, etc. When we have kids that go to the same school, or play on the same basketball team, I can usually have a regular conversation, and use real words and everything. But put me somewhere where I don’t expect to see them, and I can’t even speak English.

A few years ago, Eddie George (ex-Titan’s running back and gorgeous specimen of a man/athlete) was on an airplane with us, flying to LA. Even though we’d never met, J’s trainer also taught Eddie yoga, so J felt like he knew him. J pointed him out to me and before I could register that he was sitting right in front of us, J walked over and shook his hand. He introduced himself, said he was a big fan, shared yoga stories, and pointed at me, introduced me as a huge fan. I reached over to shake his hand, opened my mouth and said, “Nahaiel kssld ijflk djsl”. Eddie nodded like he totally understood what I was saying and was very nice. That kind of thing happens to me a lot.

So yesterday, I went to yoga, and when I got there I realized it was a different teacher. I almost left, but then thought, “What the heck, I’m already here.” So I nabbed the only space left in the back row next to an empty mat. Class started and a couple of women snuck in to the empty mats on my left. I glanced over to see if it was someone I knew, and it was Nicole Kidman! She and Keith just bought a big house in a development close by, and I’ve heard people say they’ve seen her at Starbucks or whole foods, but I would never have expected to see her in a yoga class. Seems like she’d want to have someone come over and privately teach her in her home. So I’m trying to act all cool, like I see her everyday. I tried not to look at her, which is very difficult, because she’s so tall and beautiful, with this luminous skin that’s hard to believe. I don’t know how far along her pregnancy is, but it’s hard to even tell that she has a little bump. I spent more time trying to keep my eyes straight ahead, so that I wouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable by looking at her, than I did thinking about the yoga class. She stayed for the whole class, and did almost every pose (modifying for the baby). I made it through the class without getting caught sneaking a glance, didn’t try to talk to her (what a disaster that would have been), and left before she did.

She’s probably wondering who the stuck up weird woman was next to her.

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  1. How exciting…I would have loved to have seen her. I probably would turn into a bubbling idiot too if I had to speak to someone that was famous.

  2. Wow!

    I never know what to say to famous people, either. Maybe famous people don’t know what to say to us, too!

    She probably likes to be around “real people,” or else she wouldn’t have come to a class.

    Do you think she’ll show up again?

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