Blogging 201…I need advanced lessons!

Now that I’ve been doing this blogging thing kind of regularly for a few months, I realize how much I don’t know about blogging. Every time I figure one thing out, it changes.

Like blog subscriptions. It took me hours to figure out how to get an RSS feed, and let people subscribe to my blog. I think I have like two people who subscribe to my blog. I’m burning up the blogosphere, I tell ya! Seems some people think that’s too old school. There are a few aggregators that are making it easier to scan the top headlines from a whole lot of blogs. I found out about one of them from Soapbox Mom, called Alltop…from the blog expert, Guy Kowasaki. There are nine categories, work, living, cultures, geekery, etc., and the top stories from the top blogs. (Mine’s not there…yet) I also like Nashville is Talking, produced and hosted by WKRN-TV in Nashville, and it covers blogs and what people are talking about in and around Middle Tennessee.

Oh, and the name of my blog. I don’t think I’m any busier than any other mom out there, and I would have loved to have a really great, catchy name, but now that I’ve registered it on more sites than I even know about, I have NO IDEA how to change it. Plus, there’s another “Busy Mom” who has a blog that’s about a million times better and well written than mine, and she’s had the name a lot longer than me. So, with great apologies to the original Busy Mom, if anyone has any suggestions on how to change the name of my blog and not lose the two regular readers (or a few more on a good day), I’d love to have it.

And another thing…how do you make the comments automatically show up under each post? I’m guessing I would have to really learn html language or something and use something other than blogger to get that, but I like going to other blogs and reading their comments without having to open another window.

Other things I’ve learned that probably don’t need a solution, or a solution doesn’t really exist, is that blogging has added to my procrastination problem. I need to study my bridge lesson, or fold clothes, or get some sleep, or go for a run, but I have to look at a few blogs and before I know it I’ve spent hours at the computer. Biking season has started which will put a dent in my blogging frequency, I’m guessing, because it takes a lot longer to bike than it does to run. That is, assuming I manage to bike before I sit down at the computer. Come to think of it, writing the blog has exacerbated my ‘busy mom-ness’, so maybe it’s a good name after all!

O.K. I sat down here 64 minutes ago on my way to study for bridge tomorrow. I really need to go do that. Just want to check out one more thing before I go….

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