Caffeine causes dehydration…NOT

I LOVE it when research validates my bad habits!!!!

In the New York Times today, the claim that Caffeine causes dehydration was debunked. They reviewed over ten studies comparing caffeine with water or placebo and seldom found a statistical difference in urine volume.

“In the 10 studies reviewed, consumption of a caffeinated beverage resulted in 0 to 84 percent retention of the initial volume ingested, whereas consumption of water resulted in 0 to 81 percent retention.”

So my 8 diet cokes per day are like 8 glasses of water per day. I can live with that.

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  1. If you think Aspartame (Diet Coke) is like water,just keep poisoning yourself. Head aches, double vision, weight gain. Yes I said weight gain. Aspartame is make you hungry. It is a neurotoxin that tricks you brain into thinking you need to eat. Quitting Aspartame is more difficult than quitting smoking. There is a reason why 6,000 foods have Aspartame added to them. They make a lot lot of money for food manufacturers.

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