Bikers vs. Walkers in Percy Warner Park

Today was such an incredible day here…sunny, warm, a little bit windy, but definitely smelled like spring. I decided to dust off my bike and go for a quick 25 miles. I live very close to Percy Warner Park, an incredible park with hundreds of acres and a great road that goes through…11.2 miles of climbs and downhills that are perfect for cycling. Today there were tons of people in the park, walking, jogging, and biking. I’m sure very soon someone will write a letter to the editor of The Tennessean (our daily newspaper) complaining about the bikers. Today, I would estimate that 20% of the people walking on the roads feel like they have every right to walk 5 abreast, all the way across the road. Every year, it’s the same thing. I ALWAYS warn people when I come from behind, with a “I’m on your right (or left)”. Most of the time they quickly scoot over and thank me for warning them. But there are ALWAYS those few people who refuse to move, or yell at me, for being on the road. Even worse are those folks who walk against traffic, which is fine, but they SEE me coming…from a long way away…and don’t move. I never know which way I should go, right or left. You’d think, since I’m riding with traffic, that I would stay right, while they would stay right, so no one gets hurt. I just want to say, “Do you SEE ME COMING?…GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!” But they’re probably the ones complaining that the bikers are dangerous and should be outlawed from the park.

Why can’t we all just coexist, peacefully, and enjoy the park?

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