March Madness

Now that the regular basketball season is over, H is playing on a 7th/8th grade team in a few tournaments between now and summer. This one started Friday night with a warm up game, and the double elimination tournament started yesterday. They played at 8, 12, and 5, then today they played at 1, 3, 4, and 5:30 in the championship game. It would have taken them 4 or five weeks of the regular season to play that many games, so it was an incredible learning experience. Watching our little girls play (and I do mean little…they’re by far the shortest team in the tournament), is exhilarating. They don’t let their height (or lack of) stop them from playing hard and fast. It is so much different than it was when they started, back in lower school. Those girls dive for the ball or jump up and get knocked into walls, chairs, and each other, like they are rubber. Thank God for their youth, because they just bounce and get right back up.

We ended up in the championship game, and lost to the only team that beat us…an undefeated team from Williamson County. I don’t know what they feed those girls, but they have a future in football if the basketball thing doesn’t work out. We called them the Jolly Gray Giants!

Now, I’ve just got to find some kind of bleacher chair to sit on, because sitting on those bleachers for 8 games is NOT fun.

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