Diet Coke is 99% Water? Cool!

I am not proud of this…

I drink at least 6 diet cokes a day. Sometimes more. I’m a certified personal trainer…I know better, but now that I’m not working as a trainer, I do it anyway.

I also exercise a lot. 1-2 hours a day, and more when it’s warm and I’m cycling. I keep thinking I should drink more water, that I’m probably perpetually dehydrated, but there is nothing better than a really cold diet coke (I try to put it in the freezer for a few minutes before I drink it). Not diet pepsi, not diet iced tea or lemonade, it has to be DIET COKE–in a can is the best.

Soooo….99% water? At least I know I’m getting my fluids…

I wonder if I get any benefit from them before I pee them all out?

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  1. I know! I have gone off of them in the past…for different reasons.

    After making it through the fog of caffeine addiction, I really didn’t notice a difference in how I felt. Did you drink diet “pop” (here in Tennessee we call them cokes or sodas), or the sugar kind? I only like diet coke, not pepsi or anything else. I like to think of myself as a connoisseur!

  2. Have a tried Coke zero? It’s the best! My husband talked me off all artificial sweeteners for years but I recently gave up real Coke due to the sugar. I didn’t like diet Coke anymore. I love zero. Barely different than the real thing.

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