Valentine’s Day disappointment

H was so excited about Valentine’s day; like me, she loves the thought of telling people how much they mean to you, or just that you’re thinking of them, and chocolate! We’ve always made a big deal about it at our house.

So, a couple of weeks ago one of the high school classes did a fundraiser for the prom or something…sent a note to the 8th graders and I assume the high schoolers, that they were selling carnations. For $5, you could get 3 carnations and they’d be delivered to the locker of any student you wanted. She was so excited and quickly picked out 4 or 5 of her best friends that she wanted to send flowers to. She sat down to fill out the form, and I mentioned that I hated this kind of thing.

She said, “why?”

“Because there will always be someone who won’t get flowers, and they’ll feel left out.”

Well, of course, she couldn’t bear the thought of that. So she made a list of 40 or so of her classmates that she thought might not get flowers, and $70 later, made a list to send those classmates “anonymous” carnations.

When I picked her up at school today, she was bubbling with excitement about how much those kids appreciated the flowers. One girl carried hers around with her all day long. Someone had found out H sent them, though, even though it was supposed to be anonymous. But she still felt good about it.

Later on, after homework and shower, when she is always exhausted and emotional, she looked at me and burst into tears. When I asked her what was wrong, she said, “No one sent me any flowers!”

One of those hard lessons about the joy of giving without getting anything in return.

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  1. Oh!
    What a sweet little young lady!
    Mama, you are doing something RIGHT!

    Poor thing, why did I just KNOW that you were going to say that in the end.

    yeah, I was ALWAYS the “friend” of the person the boys wanted to date…it was NEVER me.

    She’s such s cutie for sending all those flowers!

  2. Thanks! You’re right, she is a sweet girl…all heart. That makes for a lot of emotion in our house, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

    BTW, my husband asked my girlfriend to dance first…but I married him!

    Love your website, too. I dabble in beading, but nothing as beautiful as your things.

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