Super Bowl…is it just all about the party?

Sure, it was exciting. Parties everywhere (I’m told, we didn’t get invited to any!). But celebrity sightings were common. Terry Bradshaw, Chris Rock, some other sports broadcasting dudes that J recognized.

Shopping in Scottsdale…awesome.

Restaurants-thank goodness we had reservations. We had a couple of great meals, all leading up to the very nutritious peanuts, popcorn and pretzels at the game.

Jordan Sparks singing the national anthem…the highlight of the day.

Tom Petty singing his old standards live…he even looked like he had his hair blown out. It wasn’t sticking to the side of his head!

On the other hand:

Standing in line for 45 minutes just to get IN to shop for souvenirs that were cheap, overpriced, and picked over.

The first hotel we checked into-a $750/night “suite” that was about 200 square feet, with 7 foot ceilings, smelled bad, and had NO CLOSET WHATSOEVER. When we called to ask if there was a secret door to the closet, they brought us a luggage rack to hang our clothes on. (Needless to say, we left shortly thereafter).


No commercials (Normally a good thing, but not on Super Bowl Sunday).

VERY FEW instant replays. Hard to really know what’s happening down on the field.

Traffic. Took us almost 2 hours to get out of the parking lot after the game.

Flying home-flights were backed up for hours due to all the celebrities’ private planes at the airport.

The restaurants at my concourse ran out of food on Monday. I found this out after I drink a glass of wine at the bar. So I ordered another one. Not a good thing for me on an empty stomach. In the middle of the day.

So…in retrospect. We were very grateful to our hosts for letting us join them for a fun weekend. But we like watching from home. No traffic, tivo, commercials, and lots of analysis.

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