Super Bowl Shuffle!

Since we’re super bowl bound, I was thinking about the first year that I really started watching super bowls. I was always a football fan…even had a sports broadcasting class at UT Knoxville, where a big grade came from doing a research paper on the Super Bowl in 1983, but in 1985, The Chicago Bears swept onto the scene with the best group of characters ever seen on one football team! William Perry (the fridge), Walter Peyton “sweetness” (rest in peace), Jim McMahon (and his ever changing headbands…so 80’s)…and a little music video called “The Super Bowl Shuffle”

Wonder if this is where rap got started? Oh my God, those white boys are cute, but they can’t dance or rap worth a crap!

I also wonder how the 1985 Bears would do against the 2007 Patriots? They beat them back then, but now? Perry was considered huge by NFL standards in 1985, now it seems like every team has a few big boys like that. They did have a good defense…could they stop Brady?

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