Phoenix Super Bowl Bound!!!

Yes, we have tickets to the Super Bowl! Although the Titans aren’t there, and never really had a chance to be this year, the Patriots are (instead of the Colts-yeah, baby!), and J and I are so excited. I’ve been to one other Super Bowl…when the Titans played the Rams, and lost by inches. I don’t know if I can really count that one, though. I had the flu, and dragged myself there, through the crowds and the smells to the absolute BACK row of the stadium, and never stood up for the entire first half (trying not to throw up). J looked at me in the 2nd quarter and said, “If you’re going to have to leave, I want to leave at halftime so I can at least watch the last half on TV.” So sadly, we left. I missed the halftime show. But THIS year, it’s Tom Petty! I wonder if he’s going to do any Traveling Wilbury stuff…

Anyway, J and J have been going back and forth, planning the hotel stay, the Nike party, maybe meeting Dick Butkus (I don’t know how to spell it), bringing some special bottles of wine to drink, but we just realized we don’t have dinner reservations anywhere. With the Super Bowl and some big PGA tournament all going on this weekend, we might have to eat at McDonalds… maybe popcorn and hot dogs at the game. Oh well. J’s working on it. More to come.

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