Heart of the Game

We just had a basketball pizza/movie night for H’s basketball team. It’s a great bunch of girls. Mostly 7th graders, and 3 8th graders. They have a huge game on the road tomorrow against a team that is 17-0. We played them at the beginning of the season and only lost by 5, so they’re anxious for another chance. We watched the documentary “Heart of the Game” which is an incredibly interesting movie about Bill Resler, a girl’s high school coach in Seattle, and his team over a 7 year span. Very motivating. He picks a “theme” every season for the team. One year’s it’s wolves, other years it’s a Tropical Storm, Piranhas, etc. Then they use words like kill, annihilate, etc…very aggressive, but it works! You can see the fire in these girl’s eyes, and it’s very contagious. Hopefully it will fire them up for tomorrow.

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