Dropping teenagers off at the movies…

Took H and a friend to the movies tonight. Actually, we dropped them off an hour before the movie started, because we had a fundraiser to go to for H’s school. They were going to eat, shop, then go to the movie. Being the overprotective mom that I am, I have H call me when she leaves the theatre to walk to the mall, and when she leaves the mall to walk to the theatre. They were being picked up by our long time babysitter/friend (it’s not cool to call her a babysitter when you’re 14). H calls her after the movie, and she picks them up outside the theatre.

Well, J and I got out of our thing earlier than we expected, and it was around the time H was supposed to get picked up…so I called her cell. No answer. Hmmmm. I called babysitter’s phone. No answer…so I called H again. TWELVE TIMES. No answer. By this time we are home, and it’s 45 minutes after their movie got out so I’m trying not to panic. I called babysitter’s home (she is married now, and her husband is watching their child) NO ANSWER. I’m trying harder not to panic. After calling H and babysitter a couple more times I finally break down and call friend’s MOM to find out friend’s cell number. So now her mom is aware that the girls are not accounted for.

Long story short…friend answers her phone, H apologizes profusely, forgot to turn her phone back on, babysitter took them to get ice cream and left HER phone in the car, and they’re in line for ice cream.

My heart is just now calming down. What am I gonna do if they really get in trouble?

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