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1. I love to eat: Yes, I do!

2. I hate to eat: REFUSE to eat: mushrooms and cheese (separately or together..blech!)

3. I love to go: to Lake Toxaway, skiing in Colorado, shopping in San Francisco

4. I hate to go: to Whole Foods on Sunday afternoons

5. I love it when: Our family is together, with no homework or other obligations, preferably in North Carolina, but anywhere we’re together is good.

6. I hate it when: I see my daughter cry.

7. I love to see: my daughter play basketball

8. I hate to see: politicians making empty promises

9. I love to hear: the sound of rain on my windows when we’re all inside, warm, and safe.

10. I hate to hear: people on cell phones talking loudly in places they shouldn’t be doing so…like on my run in the park this morning.

Now it’s your turn!

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