Christmas decorations came down…and the Titans blew it.

Christmas decorations came down. Everything looks so empty.:-(

I didn’t think I bought that much new stuff, but I had 6 additional boxes to put away! How does that happen? We’re well on the way to overstuffing the attic in our new house, and we haven’t been here a year.

On another note, the day is flying by. Since it’s our last day before school starts I wish it would go a little more slowly. I’m going to work out and watch the Titans play San Diego. Fingers crossed it’s not a blowout and we eke out the victory we should have had last time we played them.

Yuck. The first quarter they looked like they might be able to pull it off. Even though EVERY sports writer and announcer said there was NO chance they could win.

Typical Jeff Fisher football. Run, run, run, run, and try a short pass every now and then. Worked statistics wise at first. We had the ball 80 percent of the time, moved the ball, but only made two field goals. Maybe now they’ll rest up in the offseason and next year…or the next…or the next.

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