Dancing the Hora…NOT

I woke up this morning with a lump on my hip, and it really hurts, which reminded me of the thing I tried to act like didn’t happen last night.

Went to a bar mitzvah party…our friend’s son. He was awesome, really. He sang his torah portion (or chanted or whatever it’s called), and he had the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard from a 13 year old boy. His parents gave wonderful speeches, acknowledging the elephant in the room but not letting it overshadow their son’s big day (his Mom has cancer and they were happy she was here). J and I both were choking back tears.

Then at the party last night, he played his guitar and sang a few songs (which took a lot of guts) and he was great. Food was great, Disc Jockey was great, yada yada yada. H wasn’t there, (he’s in 7th grade, she’s in 8th), but a lot of her friends and basketball teammates were. I always enjoy watching the kids. They get dressed up, and dance in little huddles on the dance floor, and then they finally break out into a slow dance/musical chairs kinda thing called “snowball”. I was standing off to the side in my “cool mom” mode, just watching, when the “hora” started. Now, to a shiksa, that is the highlight of the night! It’s so much fun. J never does it, I always do. Some of the bar mitzvah newbie kids kind of stand around, not sure exactly what to do, so I (still in “cool mom” mode) grab their hands and show them how to do the hora. Last night I was particularly enjoying myself because there was room to actually dance around in a circle, when all of a sudden I took a step and tripped over my own feet. “Cool Mom” slid on her butt across the floor! My friends said no one noticed, but I can’t help but think that those 7th graders had to wonder who that weird lady was.

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