High School basketball?

H was asked to move up to the High School basketball team. Her best friend already made the move up…(her school has a bball program that is in a building stage…lots of middle school players but not many high school). They basically needed more bodies. We’ve decided not to do it. While she would love to be with her friend, she is enjoying being one of the oldest players on the middle school team…likes being a leader. The Middle school team is also very good, and she’s looking forward to being on a winning team, for a change.

I also don’t care for the thought of her hanging around with high schoolers. While I’m sure they’re good girls, it’s just that high school aged girls are so much different. She has plenty of time to experience all that stuff on her own…I’d rather her stay with the girls her own age.

And last, but not least, if she plays high school as an 8th grader and transfers to another school next year, (a possibility), she might have to sit out a year, and she doesn’t want that.

So, once we broke it down, it was a no-brainer decision. She’ll stay on her current team.

But it was flattering.

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