I just listened, sympathized, and bit my lip

Teenage girls…what a bum deal they get. Just at the time that their bodies are being overloaded with hormones they learn how mean some girls can be. It’s heartbreaking to see my daughter get hurt by someone. It’s such a cliche’, the whisper/point/laughing thing that girls do. She has no idea what it was about, or why it happened, but she’s been so crammed with schoolwork, basketball practice, and trying to do a project with her study group of 3 boys plus her (which means she’s doing all the work), that it hit her really hard. She’s been staying up at night to cram for tests, and working really hard in basketball, so she’s just physically zonked. All that added up to a major cry fest this afternoon. I just listened, sympathized, and bit my lip so that I didn’t tell her what a little witch I think this girl is.

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