We had so much fun shopping today!

Another day in heaven, I mean North Carolina. Rosie the dog is limping after our hike to the waterfall yesterday, so we didn’t walk her around the lake, but we did take her down for a quick swim. Went to the fitness center to get in a quick workout…it’s only open from 9-2 from Nov. 1-March, 2008, so we have to do it early. Went to Cashiers for lunch and shopping. We found a great painting for over the fireplace, and things for the table for Thanksgiving. Cashiers is a cute little town, lots of little boutiques and things and it only took us about 20 minutes to drive there.

We’re continually amazed by our daughter…she’s perfectly happy just hanging out with us. It might be an only child thing, but as much as she loves her girlfriends, when she doesn’t have them around she doesn’t whine and pout like other girls her age. We had so much fun shopping today. She now wears a size 9 shoe and she is so excited, because now we wear the same size. Her shoe wardrobe has now increased since she can borrow mine! We bought her the sweater “ugh” boots, which are so comfortable and cute, and it was an easy decision because I can wear them, too! It’s like getting 2 for the price of 1! (Nashvillians….do you remember Family Booterie shoes? The commercial “2 for the price of 1 plus a dollar…”) We also found a really cute shirt and fur vest for her. I didn’t find anything I liked, which was fine, but H tried to get me to buy something. She’s like J…when she gets something for herself, she feels guilty, so tries to find something for me to buy. I’m starting to push things for her that I like, too, since we’re almost the same size. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we like the same things, like the blue faux fur vest she got today…I’ve got my eyes on it!

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