crimson, yellow, apricot, orange…absolutely breathtaking

I literally feel like my heart is 20 pounds lighter. That’s what the mountains do to me. We didn’t get to Lake Toxaway last night until after dark (days are getting shorter, and we ran into traffic outside of Asheville, so we cut through Pisgah National Forest…a beautiful drive, but windy roads so it takes longer). When we woke up this morning, it was like someone spilled a tray of watercolors all over the mountains…crimson, yellow, apricot, orange…absolutely breathtaking. When you add in the lake which gives a mirror image of all the colors it just multiplies everything. I don’t know if this is the usual time of the colors, but I have a feeling that the dry warm weather postponed it this year. We just lucked out being here this weekend, because I think in a week or so they’ll start falling. By Thanksgiving we’ll probably have very few leaves. The bright spot is that we’ll have an even better view of the lake.

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