Nashville is the Fattest City

Today in Forbes magazine, their “most Sedentary Cities”:

Nashville is branded the unenviable distinction of being the heaviest city on our list. An astonishing 68% of the city’s population is either overweight or obese. A contributing factor to the city’s weight problem might be the 32 hours of TV Nashville watches per week. The city’s promotion of opportunities for outdoors parks and trails might be an effective approach, since only 22.5% don’t exercise regularly.

So, in addition to being the 9th most sedentary city in the country, we’re the FATTEST!! The author of the story said we’re probably the fattest because we watch so much TV. Maybe I should thank H’s school for giving her so much bloody homework. She can’t get fat because she has no time to just sit on her butt and veg out. Although, I guess she is sitting on her butt doing homework…wait, now I should BLAME the school if she gets fat!

Maybe it’s because we grow up eating everything fried and cooked to oblivion, in gigantic portions big enough for 3 people. It all tastes the same anyway. Fried anything (any meat, fish, vegetable, even bread), vegetables cooked for a few hours with butter or bacon grease, or with sugar added and ice cream on top! At my family’s annual Christmas party with cousins and grandparents, one clue about the eating styles of southerners is the directions for the potluck dinner contributions. One sweet thing, and one “salty” thing. I think the salty thing is supposed to be lunch, and the sweet thing dessert, although with my family it’s all the same thing.

No wonder I’m a little compulsive about exercise….


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