I am officially freaked out

Well, I am officially freaked out. Had an interesting conversation with some other parents today and found out some things that have been going on with some of Hannah’s classmates. I knew about some of them, but did not know all the details.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine who has a 9th grade boy at another school, woke up to find hundreds of plastic forks stuck in her garden. After she made a few phone calls she found out two other boys, both at Hannah’s school, also got “forked”. Seems this is the new equivalent of “rolling” that we did when we were that age…different time, different world. Go to www.urbandictionary.com to find out all the meanings of “forked”. Pretty unsettling. Anyway, it happened sometime in the middle of the night (between midnight and 5 a.m.). Through some detective work and questioning of the boys, they figured out who did it…girls in H’s class at school. We’ve been wondering how they got there, since they’re 13 or 14 years old. We live in Nashville, where communities are spread out all over the city. They had to have been driven, we thought, and narrowed it down to older siblings, which made the most sense. Well, today I found out that one of the girls involved has also been sneaking out of her house in the middle of the night, on her bicycle, to bike 6-8 miles away to meet up with a boy. Maybe I’m just naive, but I really didn’t think these things happened (yet) with our kids. They’re pretty sheltered. Being out in the city, after legal curfew, on busy streets…just gives me the creeps.

Also, there was a sleepover with several boys. They decided to smash up some benadryl (I heard 4) and put it in another boy’s drink. Of course, he passed out, and they wrote all over him with sharpies while he was sleeping. Luckily he woke up the next day! Yikes! Any boy who will do that to another friend, would probably not think twice about doing it to a girl. So H and I had the discussion about never drinking anything that is open, etc. I had hoped I could put off THAT conversation for a year or two.

It’s a different world now. As much as I would like H to stay sweet and innocent and sheltered, if she is going to continue to socialize with her classmates, she’s got to be aware of a lot of more adult type dangers. I still think it’s a small minority who are doing these things, but it’s out there.

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