Too much homework?

Thank GOD for the rain today! I almost forgot what it’s like to have rain all day long…makes me want to hop in bed and curl up with a good book. I don’t even know where my umbrellas are…it’s been so long since I’ve needed one.

Back to school and H has a ton of homework already. Having the weekend off was so nice, but then getting hit with the normal amount of homework today is more of a bother. Now that basketball has started she’s getting a later start, which means later bedtime and more tired the following day and it becomes a vicious circle. We’re supposed to be keeping a log of the amount of time she spends on homework, because supposedly the teachers are evaluating the level of homework. I don’t remember ever having the amount of homework she has…even in high school! We’d go outside after school and play before and after dinner…maybe a little homework sprinkled in when we had projects or papers due. H’s school prides itself on college placement, AP courses, etc., so I guess that’s the price you have too pay for that kind of success. I just wonder if it’s all worth it…missing out on just being a kid. Although, maybe being busy keeps them from getting into other kinds of trouble. There’s no time to do anything else!

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