I keep waiting for her to think it’s not cool.

After we got home tonight, H had to re-connect with all her “girlies”…friends who went on their own fall break trips with their families. It was a very rare Sunday night…since they had no homework for a change, they were able to IM freely.
We didn’t see her all night, I kept hearing her chatting on the video chat thingy, and had to IM her myself to get her to come to dinner and later, to take a shower. She’s not happy with her bedtime. We’ve found through trial and error that she does much better at school with a good night’s sleep, so 9:30 is our target time. Of course, her friends don’t have to go to bed that early, so tonight, with no homework, she wanted to stay up and socialize. But she’s pretty good when we don’t cave in. She kept saying she was sorry (IM language: IM SO SRY!)

We are still amazed that she likes to spend time with us, still. This weekend, without a friend with us, she stayed up and talked with the adults until midnight!…I am still amazed that she enjoys that. I keep waiting for her to think it’s not cool.

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