Leaves changing before your eyes!

Got home a little while ago. It was SO hard to leave…the weather cleared up and the temperature dropped so the last two days were absolutely GLORIOUS!!! You could almost see the leaves changing before your eyes. I met a life-long Lake Toxaway resident who owns the cute little coffee shop with homemade pastries and breads and daily New York Times and Wall Street Journal (what a relief…we can at least get daily news, if we want it!). She said that as soon as they get rain combined with a drop in temperature the leaves start turning very quickly. I’m hoping that when we go back in a couple of weeks there will still be some color. Yesterday we took a boat out on the lake to show B&B the views from the water. It’s quite different than from the streets, because the homes are mostly hidden from the street. It was so nice. Even though it was chilly (62 degrees), the sun was out so it felt perfect. Then last night we loaded up a cooler with champagne and snacks and drove up to the top of Meadow Ridge for “Music on the Mountain”. They do that once a month on Saturday nights, and this was the last one of the year, until they start back up in the spring. It was great. Bluegrass music, not my favorite, but it was really good. They even did some old time gospel kind of stuff that made me think of the Lefevres (my mom’s family, who are in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame). Rosie went with us and had a blast, got lots of attention, and lots of “big dog” “chubby dog” “blockhead”comments (which drives Jeff crazy-I think he takes it personally, like we should have a thin dog!) I think we’re almost ready for our Thanksgiving trip…just need a few pillows and things are shaping up quite nicely. Now it’s back to reality…yuck.

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