I actually feel the pain.

A girl at H’s school had a surprise birthday party this past Friday night (well, her parents threw it for her). She and H are not very close, although they have a lot of the same friends. The circles of friends just seem to overlap quite a bit. When H found out she wasn’t invited it was not a big deal at all, since they’re not close. However, over the weekend she found out that most of her friends WERE invited, and she was “left out”. That made it a bigger deal. I could tell she was trying not to make it a big deal, and shrugged it off to me and J, but I could also tell it bothered her a little bit. She rationalized it to herself that since the girl’s mom did the inviting, she just didn’t think about inviting H…I thought that was pretty mature. I personally was more upset than H was-why is that? It’s not that I wanted her to go. Maybe I have memories of being left out of things when I was younger, I don’t know. I just hate when she gets her feelings hurt. I actually feel the pain.

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