yoga is kind of painful!

I taught aerobics/step/spin/group fitness (that’s all the names it was called through the years) for 20 years, until H started school. Now I run, bike, work out with weights and do cardio machines, and finally, I’m discovering yoga. I always thought it was kind of a wimpy workout, but that was when I was young and flexible. Now that I’m (ahem) over 40, the old body doesn’t bend quite the same way it did in my younger days. So yoga is kind of painful! I try to go at least once a week, but on a good week I’ll do 2-3 classes. I still feel like I need to do some cardio as well, but I can see that it could be enough to just do it consistently. I sweat, grunt, and make funny faces. I feel like it’s got to be doing some good, but I’m not sure exactly what yet. My favorite part is the shavasana…the last 5-10 minutes when you just lay there on your back and breath. Sometimes I think I might even doze off!

I went today. It’s funny, I’m a pretty social person. I’ve never had any trouble making friends or being in new social settings, but I think yoga has a hierachy and I’m not consistent enough for anyone to acknowledge. I do know a couple of the ladies who take class, and will say hello and chat a little with them, but no one else really ever makes eye contact or says anything. It doesn’t really bother me, it’s just kind of interesting. I’ve been going to this place off and on for almost a year.

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