I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, and I haven’t done any of the long list of things I needed to do this week. Well, I take that back, I did get three bat mitzvah gifts yesterday. I think that makes about 32 bat/bar mitzvah gifts that we have bought over the last year. We’re at the end of the “season”, since H is now in 8th grade, and most of her classmates are turning 14 now.
Since she’s only “half” Jewish, we didn’t do the bat mitzvah thing and I have to admit I am so relieved. Since she goes to a school that has a larger than normal percentage of Jewish kids, there are a LOT of b’nai mitzvah. (I’m not sure I’m using that correctly, I think it is the plural form of bar mitzvah). Don’t get me wrong, I love the symbolism of it, and the kids work very hard and it is really touching to see them read hebrew and give their speeches, but after seeing them over and over again they start to all blend together. I do get teary eyed sometimes at the whole thing, but when I try to remember whose touched me the most, it’s hard to remember. I loved the movie, “Keeping up with the Steins”. It was a very cute movie about a kid having a bar mitzvah, and after the whole movie showed his parents trying to outdo the Steins’ bar mitzvah, the kid cancelled it all (renting out Dodger Stadium, etc.) and had a cookout in the backyard with all his family, because that is what it should be all about…

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