What a great weekend. It is a long drive, but it’s worth it. The view from the balcony is really breathtaking. We face the west so the sunset behind the mountains and the lake right below is so beautiful. When I got there with the girls, J had the wine open, potatoes in the oven, salad made, and steak ready for the grill. We had a really nice dinner and then sat outside on the balcony to listen to the birds and tree frogs. Rosie was a little skittish…not sure where we were. Saturday we did a long hike around Lake Cardinal and up to the halfway point at Toxaway River Falls. Rosie had a blast running down into the water and swimming around. There’s a little waterfall at the halfway point and to get up to it you have to climb up a rock that has water flowing over it. Rosie had a hard time holding on, and slid into the water a couple of times. It was pretty funny. After that she started to feel at home. She just loves taking walks when there’s water around, and there is definitely a lot of water up there.

Saturday afternoon we rented a boat and waterskiied on Lake Toxaway for the first time. The water was a little chilly but not too bad. It was really great. Then we had another great dinner at The Brown Trout. The only thing wrong with this trip was it was too short. We got internet and satellite and security alarm hooked up, and our lists of things to bring up is getting smaller, so that’s a good thing. Next trip is for fall break, so we’ll have a longer time to enjoy it. Can’t wait!

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