Typical day around here. H was up at 6:30, to school until 3:15, then home. After playing with the dog for about 10 minutes, she started working on homework. Fed the dog, ate dinner, watched a repeat of “Friends” (which takes about 22 minutes, since we fast forward the tivo through the commercials), then back up to do homework until 9:30. And today was a light day…only one quiz tomorrow! God forbid she had something to do after school. This year she is not doing soccer, and basketball doesn’t start until the end of October. When did homework start to be so time-consuming? I don’t know if she’s slower than she should be, or if she’s just slammed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the time basketball starts she will be working faster…maybe getting the hang of everything by then. She is making great grades so far, and I’m not having to get involved like I have in years past, so that’s good, I guess.

Now we just have to carve out some time on weekends so she can just be a teenager. Between 4-5 a.m. on Saturday, maybe?

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