I’ve got to talk about Britney Spears. In a way, I should thank her. Her behavior has been a wonderful lesson for H about how poor decisions can be quite destructive. Hannah was 7-8 when we first started listening and watching Britney. “Hit me baby”, and “oops, I did it again” were catchy and cute and Britney had throngs of little girls who worshipped the ground she walked on. Even though her weak little voice was obviously dubbed and edited and boosted in a sound booth, she was a good dancer and the girls loved her. The problem was, she was growing up in the public eye, without much guidance it seemed. Her music began it’s evolution to more sexual connotations, she started wearing fewer clothes, and in her attempts to “grow up”, she grew away from the huge fan base she had established. H and her friends just stopped listening. They felt more comfortable with singers like Hilary Duff and Christina Aguilera, and actresses like Dakota Fanning…girls who acted their age.

I’ve been intrigued with the stories about Britney, with kind of a train-wreck fixation. I do feel bad for this girl. She has a life that to some would seem full of opportunity. She has enough money not to have to worry about financial matters, but who does she have in her life that is there because they really care about her? She’s pushed her parents away, and the hangers-on who are at her side are paid to be there. When her advisors give her advice that she doesn’t like, she fires them. She is a lost soul, a little girl who skipped a vital part of growing up, when she could have learned lessons and grown to be an adult who can make solid decisions.

Maybe someone, somewhere will be able to break through her stubbornness, and let her see what her destructive behavior is doing to her, both personally and professionally. Her independent nature and energy can perhaps be channelled and she can find herself.

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