labor day weekend

Took H and two friends to Florida for the weekend. She’ll be 14 in a week. It was a really great weekend for the girls…they’re old enough and well behaved enough to have some freedom…riding on the golf cart, going to the beach club, shopping at the mall, and they had a blast. At this point in time, we are so thrilled with her choice of friends. They seem to be good influences, well behaved, good students, and they all have so much fun together. It was fun to just sit back and observe.

I just got an email reminding me that it’s the 20th anniversary of a really fun beach party I used to go to. A friend’s parents had a beach house, and what started as a small gathering grew every year to this huge crazy party. It was called the “SOB”…no one really knew what it stood for, although every year we’d try to decide, but it had one rule…”Bring no ties”. You weren’t supposed to bring anyone you’d seen socially more than once. Mass quantities of beer, smurf punch, jug wine, and shots were consumed. We had so much fun (at least, I think we did), but now I have to worry about H going to the beach without us! I’d like to think that she is so much smarter than I was.

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