Age old dilemma…

H asked me today if she should watch what she’s eating. She already eats healthier than most of her friends. There is a scale in the workout room and she and her two friends get on it every now and then, and of course, compare weights. Last week, H weighed 2 lbs less than this week, so she’s afraid since she decided not to run cross country that she’s gaining too much weight. I try to explain about puberty, muscle weighing more than fat, etc., but I can tell she’s not sure she’s buying it. She never weighs herself at home. The doctor weighs her, and they weigh her at camp, but that’s about it. Even though she is NOT by any stretch of the imagination overweight, I can tell she’s starting to worry about it. She’s growing taller, she’s filling out, and it’s all perfectly normal. How are parents supposed to encourage healthy habits? I am afraid that I have inadvertently projected my fear of overweight to her. I’m very careful never to talk about “dieting” or my own preoccupation with not gaining weight like my relatives, but I think she picks up on it anyway. Already, a friend has struggled with disordered body image, etc. I don’t want H to have to worry about that kind of thing!

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