Global warming?

Everyone’s talking about global warming. It is so hot the news people are doing silly things like trying to bake cookies in a closed up car in the sun in the afternoon. The high temperatures are close to 100 and have been for a week or so. I looked back at the year I graduated from college (ahem…a loooooong time ago!), and August 20, 1983 there were four consecutive days of 100 degrees or warmer, with many more in the high 90s. So it has happened before. The years before were only mid-90s, as well as the years closely following, but on August 17, 1988 it was 103! What do you bet…next summer it won’t be quite as hot, but we’ll probably have high temps again sometime in the future. My hope is that the weather forecasters can let us know far enough in advance of another heat wave like this that we can plan a month in the mountains somewhere!

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