you can’t sit here?

God, I don’t miss middle school. H goes to a small private school and the girls in her class have known each other since Kindergarten, for the most part. It’s a relatively small class. A friend of H ‘s went to sit down with a group of girls who told her that she couldn’t sit there, they were “reserving” the table for only those they wanted to sit with. These are girls they play sports with, go to dances with, even sleepovers together. What makes them decide to be exclusive all of a sudden? Does it make them feel better about themselves to have “power” over who sits at their table? I guess it happens all the time at this age, but that doesn’t make it right, or any easier to swallow. Maybe the experience of being the person excluded prepares them for adult life…not getting into the sorority they want, or the country club, or even the “cool” group at the office. H’s friend didn’t realize they were being serious, at first. She said, “Yeah, right, thanks a lot guys”, and continued to sit down. When they said, “No, really, we mean it.” She said, “Whatever” and sat by herself until everyone else came out.

As a parent, I want to give those girls a piece of my mind, but I won’t. I will keep my mouth shut and talk to H  about how silly and small minded that kind of behaviour is, and hopefully, she won’t be one of those girls. Let’s face it, as women, we need our girlfriends. The more we alienate ourselves from each other the more we hurt ourselves.

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