No big drama for the HSM2 party. We had our party, she had hers. The kids here had a blast. Very loud, though, which is a good thing, I guess. When they’re quiet is when I will worry. The movie was a disappointment, I’m told, but it wasn’t really about the movie.

Got up very early to drive down to OAR to do a full river rafting trip on the Ocoee! So exciting, and a little bit scary. The guides are good at what they do, and luckily, we had two really good ones. Taylor took the three girls, a dad and brother. The 3 moms with Alan and guide James. They had an orientation for the group, teaching us how to hold the paddle, how to get back in the boat, what to do if you fell out of the boat, and a couple examples of things that could go wrong (pull feet up, don’t try to stand or else you can get your foot jammed in rocks and the water will hold you underwater…not good if you can’t hold your breath for a couple of hours). H was really quiet on the bus ride to the start, and when I asked her why, she said she was a little nervous about falling out. I think it was good that she was a little nervous, it meant that she took the advice seriously. It was all good, though. They had so much fun. I don’t think she ever stopped smiling for the whole 10 mile trip down the river. The water was extremely cold, which felt great at first, because it was sunny and warm. By the end of the ride when the sun started to go down it got really cold, though, which wasn’t helped by our sweet daughters and Justin who just loved splashing us with their oars. Taylor taught them how to really get a lot of water with their splashes, unlike us who thrashed around pretty uselessly.

Anyway, we got a great night’s sleep last night! It was a long day.

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