If it’s Tuesday…where are we?

We’re at home for a little while…packing for the beach and North Carolina to pick up our girl!!!Yay! It’s been three weeks almost, but it feels like a year. She’s having a blast, though. We’ve gotten lots of letters from her, and it’s all good. That’s a big change from a few years ago with “the mean girls”. It’s amazing what a little maturity will do for you!

After spending a few days in beautiful Lake Toxaway and dropping H off at camp, we went on our 16th houseboat trip, then met T and PB in Colorado for a glorious trip to Denver and Aspen. It was amazing. Lots of exercise, running, hiking, biking and eating! Plus the shopping was amazing. We had a great time. But it is good to be home for a little while at least. We’re still getting used to the new house so it still feels a little like a vacation here, too.

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