weekend stuff

Whew…crazy weekend. After three weeks of basketball every day, they’re finished until July. H decided to invite the 8th grade players who are in town over to sleepover. I got up early Sat. morning to bike and they were still up! Didn’t go to sleep until 10 a.m….then got up for lunch and she and L fell back to sleep until we woke them for dinner. M and T came over for dinner and to pick up L. It was nice, until J and M got into a (good-natured, I hope) debate about politics. I hate hate hate when that happens, although J loves a good “discussion”. He is very passionate about his beliefs, and unfortunately, they’re usually not the same as many of our friends. Oh well, I think they still like us….

I did the 62 mile Harpeth River ride with T and M. Luke and Mike were there as well, and Lisa and a friend did the 42 because she had to get home to get H. to soccer camp. It was a beautiful ride with great snacks (always important). But it got very hot and humid very quickly. They were taking people off the course due to the heat. T had some bad leg cramping. I used my new bike for the first time. It was so much smoother, although I have to work a little harder on the hills, since I don’t have the lowest gears like I had on the old bike. I was so mad at myself…I had to walk a little on the big hill. I’m going to meet M out there and ride it again.

Four more days until we leave for camp 🙁

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