Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer has officially started. School was out May 23rd, and we left on the 24th for San Francisco and Napa (to celebrate MIL’s 70th birthday). It was a perfect trip! San Francisco was cold, though…foggy and overcast and in the 50s. I actually like it, because I’m so over the humidity here in Nashville. Ran a couple of times through the hills in the city and once on the bay, under the golden gate bridge and through Presidio park and down to Baker’s beach. A lovely run…lots of scenery and I just love running in that weather! J ran with me because he loves that particular run as well, but his leg/hip has really been bothering him. We’re nervous that his AVN may be back, and he’s scared to get an Xray because he’s afraid of the results. He’s probably fitter than he’s ever been, though, from working out consistently and working in the garden. Maybe it’s just that trying to run 7 miles or so when you haven’t run at all in seven weeks might be hard on his joints!

We had some great meals in San Francisco, ate at Myth, The Slanted Door, Bacar (sp?), and one other place that I can’t remember …of course, had some great wine there as well. Then we drove up to Napa Valley, Calistoga Ranch Inn. What a glorious change of pace! The weather was 20 degrees warmer, and this place was absolutely beautiful! It’s owned by the same people who own the Auberge Du Soleil. Private little two room cottages amidst the trees and hills between St. Helena and Calistoga.

We went to a couple of wine tastings and tours…Stags Leap Winery and Hartwell. Two amazing wineries and vineyards! I think Stag’s Leap was the most beautiful winery we’ve ever seen, and Hartwell had the best Merlot I’ve ever tried. We had great meals there, as well. “Press” was my favorite restaurant…owned be Dean and Deluca. Great service and awesome food.

I don’t think I need to ever eat again…

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