One year later!

Wow. I thought this was such a great idea, I could write here instead of my journals and keep it all in one place. It’s all in one place, but my last post was over a year ago. At this rate I might fill up a regular journal by the time I’m dead.

H’s in 7th grade. (Oh, my God, I know!). I really do remember 7th grade. Donelson Junior High, stacked sandals, Candies, Bell bottoms, hip huggers, flared sleeves, (sounds like today!), and as for ME, braces, a horrible hair cut (gypsy shag gone bad)…just plain old awkward. H’s 7th grade is nothing like mine, except for the clothes, which she would be horrified to know that I wore almost the same thing she’s wearing. She’s doing really well in school, has lots of friends, plays soccer, basketball, and runs cross country. She did give up dance this year, as well as school soccer and it’s such a relief. She loved dance, and was really good at it, but it just didn’t fit into her schedule with her other priorities. I think she was hanging on because she felt if she quit she could never be a dancer again…but we reassured her that she’ll always be a dancer. Later as other priorities shift she might take it up again.

We’re rounding the final bend in building our house. It’s been so long. I think we bought the lot about 2 years ago. Builder tells us we’ll be in by Valentine’s Day, 2007. We’ll see. We had no idea getting into this that it would be such a major pain in the &(*. (Although I suppose it could be worse, if we had a different builder). B is a great builder and has wonderful relationships with his subs and uses really good ones, so any problems so far have been very minimal. It’s just all the decisions and things that have to be made. Thank God J is such a details person…he keeps everything going much better than I could. Our architect is M , B ‘s brother, who is a genius. He took all our ideas for what we wanted and shook them up in his brain and out popped this wonderful home that is so cool. It’s more modern than I think we realized we wanted, but it’s great. We’re in an older residential neighborhood full of ranch homes, so it’s quite a bit different than the norm, but more and more people are doing these tear downs, so we aren’t the only ones. One thing that I am very certain of, and happy with, is that it is not a “Brentwood Box”, which is the best way to describe the multitude of HUGE, boring, homogeneous homes with little to no landscaping being built all over the Williamson County countryside.

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