The Winter Formal

I’m at a loss on how to start a post after two months of no writing…do I give excuses about how busy I’ve been, a synopsis of what I’ve been up to, or just ignore it and jump right in? Hmmmmm…I think I’ll just jump right in.

January in our house is a much calmer month than any other month of the year. Yes, school has started back, and yes, basketball season is in full force (2-3 games per week, which means 4-6 games of JV and Varsity), but H’s school has three weeks of “winterim”, which means no regular classes or homework. The 11th and 12th graders have three week internships off campus (sometimes overseas), and the 9th and 10th graders stay on campus and sign up for special interest classes. H is taking “Music from the 60’s”, “Designing Women going Green” (green architecture), and “Extra Extra Read all about it” (writing the winterim version of their school newspaper). What a difference this makes! She has very little homework, a couple of quizzes, and she is taking classes of her choosing that she is genuinely interested in.

The biggest dilemma we have this month is Winter Formal…her all girl’s school has a winter dance at the beginning of February, and they have to come up with “dates”. Not a problem if you’re “going out” with someone, but most of her friends and classmates don’t have a special someone to invite. So the scrambling begins in December to ask someone who…

  • 1. Won’t get the wrong idea (i.e. think it means more than it does)
  • 2. Will be fun to have along with their friends (not too shy),
  • 3. Won’t be too clingy, (so they can talk to their girlfriends),
  • 4. Will look good in pictures (hopefully tall enough so they can wear heels),
  • 5. Will say “yes” (it’s awful if you ask someone who says “no”)
  • 6. Isn’t already on someone else’s ‘list’ (another classmate wanted to ask him and gets mad that you did first)
  • 7. Isn’t someone’s “ex” (even though they’re not together anymore she has permanent ‘dibs’)

After many, many text messages to her friends, she decided on the perfect boy to ask. He fit all the prerequisites (especially #2 and #4), although #7 was a little questionable, but the “ex” is the one who introduced them, so she asked, he said he’d be happy to go and it’s on.

The next hurdle is THE GROUP. The actual dance is two hours long, so you have dinner before and after-parties afterward. So they divide up in smaller groups to get together beforehand for pictures, then dinner, then the dance, then the after-party. Finding the right “group” is crucial. You want to be with your girlfriends, but if their dates don’t know each other, it’s very awkward. And there’s always the group that just seems to keep getting bigger, so they have to limit the size, and invariably someone gets left out. It’s a situation just fraught with drama. She has a little less than four weeks until the dance…no group plans are definite…so I’m sure there will be more to the story. Until then…

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