Planning the Sweet 16…I’m tired!

I feel like I sat down last July and my life just zipped right by on fast forward…

Last thing I remember is enjoying the relaxed pace of North Carolina, sleeping late, reading on the deck, playing golf and tennis, swimming and biking, having an absolutely incredible time with my husband (and daughter for a couple of weeks, when she wasn’t away at camp). It went by way too fast. I was so relaxed (we all were) that I didn’t even think about any other responsibilites other than feeding and walking my dog and my family. We left Nashville June 18 and returned August 12. It went by in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, we were home, with all the responsibilities that come with it. Buying textbooks, nagging H to finish her homework, laundry, mail, volunteer duties, and the two things that have consumed my life since we’ve been home…planning H’s “Sweet 16” party, and J’s “50th”. Like idiots, in our tranquil state while we were in the mountains, we thought it would be a good idea to have two big parties three weeks apart.

It’s really not bad. I’m lucky to have the time and the funds to do what we’re doing. So I don’t want to complain. BUT.

We’re doing H’s party with her best friend, who still goes to H’s old school. So combining the guest lists has been interesting. Trying to include everyone they feel they should invite without inviting all of Nashville has been interesting. Then there is the drama of inviting old friends who have turned out not to be so nice…but to exclude them would cause more drama than it’s worth. When they finally came up with a workable guest list, there were 118 names on it. When we sent them to their rooms to try to whittle it down to 100, they came back with three more names to add! Arghhghghggh. So we’re counting on the fact that 20% won’t come.

Finding the venue, the date, the dj, the photographer, the decorations, the food, etc. has been time consuming, to say the least. But we’re getting there. Invitations went out today, so I’m starting to relax. Trying to keep the decorating budget under control. Lots of Christmas lights to make it festive, and I made two big H’s to go over the entrance doors (both girl’s names start with H) that I’m attaching lights to…the colors are the same as the invitation backdrop.

Now I know what my friends went through planning their kid’s bar/bat mitzvah’s. H wasn’t sure about having a big party since she still feels like the “new kid” at her new school. Combining the parties was a great idea, as now she is starting to get excited about it.

J’s party and a couple of committee’s at H’s school are taking up the rest of my time. It’s good to be busy, though. Makes the time go by faster…until we can go back to the mountains.

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