Meeting the boyfriend’s Mom…and the Matzah song

Interesting weekend. 

Saturday night we had reservations around the piano at Whitfield’s…(our favorite Nashville neighborhood restaurant).  It’s pretty cool, they set the piano for 7 people, and you can eat there while John plays all your favorite Sinatra/New York, New York/ dinner music.  He’s actually pretty incredible.  Has a wonderful soothing voice, and plays great piano.  The NC final four game was on behind the bar, right next to us, so we didn’t miss anything.  We had invited two other couples to join us, and decided to invite H’s boyfriend’s mom to come, too.  We had met her once or twice, and she seemed like a lovely person, and since H and boyfriend (R.) were going to a school function and then the movies, we thought it would be a good time to get to know her a little better.

It’s so weird to even say “H’s boyfriend”…because when they’re in 9th grade, don’t drive, and go to separate single-sex schools, I don’t know if “boyfriend” is a really accurate description.  But it’s pretty cute.  They text every day, empathize with each other about various sports workouts/practices or homework, talk about music, etc.  H goes to school, concentrates on her school work,  doesn’t obsess about what she wears to school or how her hair looks during the week, and on the weekends, she gets gussied up and maybe gets to see him for a few hours.   I think I like this better than when they do start driving.

We were right, his mom was delightful.  She’s very pretty, and very outgoing, and of course, LOVES her sons.  She has three, and it’s great to hear her talk about them, because they’re all very close.  H and I like the fact that R. is close to his mom.  She shared a few things with us about his feelings about having a girlfriend and it was very sweet.  I wish I could just put all these feelings in a little box and keep it just like this.  The reality is that they’re young, inexperienced and naive, so there are lots of heartbreaks and disappointments in their future.  But for now, it’s really fun to see.

Dinner at Whitfield’s was great, as always.  Narvil Wilson was there (his son is our favorite “waiter extraordinaire”) celebrating his birthday, and he got up and sang a little song he wrote a few years back recorded by Ronnie Milsap, I think…”The most beautiful girl in the world”.  Then the hostess, Ann Marie, also sang a beautiful song.  She was in the top 36 of American Idol this year, but didn’t make it to the top 12.  Their mistake.  She was Fabulous!

Only in Nashville, I guess.

Happy Pesach to all my friends, and in case you have leftover Matzah, here are some ideas…

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