Spring is in the Air…First proposal done by blog?

Yes, I know, I haven’t posted anything in a long time.

Basically, it’s just all the normal, every day mom stuff.  Went to New York for a bar mitzvah.

Can I just say, it was kind of OVER THE TOP!!  But other than the zillions of dollars they spent on the extravaganza, it was actually very sweet.  And kind of sad.  We were there for my husband’s cousin…it was his son who had the bar mitzvah.  J’s aunt (cousins’s stepmother), boycotted.  Said she wouldn’t come.  Couldn’t be bothered.  So very sad for the little boy, because all his other grandparents on his dad’s side are dead.  There is a point in the ceremony that the bar mitzvah’s parents come up to make their speeches, and their parents (the grandparents) join them.  The mom came up with her mom and dad, and J’s cousin came up, all by himself.  I was so choked up.  She missed such an incredible experience, that she will never get back.  Her loss.

Then, spring break in Snowmass.  This is our 8th year to ski over spring break, and the first year that we’ve been to Colorado for a week with NO NEW SNOW!  It actually wasn’t bad.  Snowmass is so big and so high that we were able to find tons of good conditions, although by our last day it was obvious that they really needed more snow.  Luckily, I heard they just got a foot.  The good thing about the weather was it was not super cold, so we didn’t have to wear 3 or 4 layers.  We had lunch in the village on St. Patrick’s day and were entertained by some very self-confident young ladies, who didn’t wear any layers at all!  I think the green liquid they were slamming down before getting up on the table helped their self confidence.

I love Snowmass. It’s a big mountain, with lots of single black diamond runs (I’m not so good on the double diamonds). We love skiing bumps, and there were bumps all over the place…good, well definied, soft bumps. (Or mobiles, as H used to call them). Plus, Snowmass is right down the road from Aspen, the coolest mountain town in Colorado. Aspen is a real town, now like Beaver Creek, which we love, but was built all at the same time and has no real character. The shopping and the restaurants in Aspen are fantastic.

Skiing together as a family is my favorite thing to do.  It is the ONLY sport that all three of us do together.  J and H are beautiful skiiers.  I will try anything, but I don’t look so good doing it.  But it’s so much fun when we start at the top of the mountain, J goes first, then H, and I bring up the rear with a huge smile on my face.  I don’t know how much longer H will be happy doing spring break with just her parents.  But while it lasts, it’s pretty great.

Now we’re fixin (yes, I’m from the South) to go to Dallas for a friend’s 50th birthday.  Wow.  My friends are turning 50.  How did that happen?

I’ll write something really good soon, I promise.  In the meantime, check this out.  Maybe the first proposal done by blog!  Awwww……

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